Camille Rojas and Sofia Mesa

TPW is delighted to present new commissions from Camille Rojas and Sofia Mesa. The artist’s intimate works take on re-acquaintances through movement: for Camille with her own body’s possibilities and for Sofia with her connection to trees.

Camille Rojas’ short videos are contemplative in nature: her movements taking cues from her immediate surroundings, from grass and stairs and the way vines move in the late afternoon. Sofia Mesa’s videos present her lexicon for falling in love with trees. The works speak to each other through a shared, personal vocabulary that the artist’s use to reintroduce themselves to living forms and to their surroundings through movement.

Camille and Sofia’s videos will be posted daily on TPW’s Instagram from August 3 – 7, 2020.


Camille Rojas (b. 1993 Toronto; lives and works in Toronto) is a multidisciplinary artist working with film, photography and dance. Her work uses movement as the primary vehicle to dissect ideas and emotions. She received her BFA in Photography Studies at Ryerson University (2017) and has recently exhibited her work at Gallery 44, Gallery TPW, Critical Distance Centre for Curators, Nuit Blanche and Erin Stump Projects.

Sofia Mesa (b.1995) is an artist working with film, making pictures and sculptures. She is excited by life inside and around her. She sees her art practice as a vessel for those expressions. She works with a variety of collaborators or on her own. Past exhibitions include Wildfire at The Loon, Field Walkers at Ma Ma, Guardians at Allan Gardens conservatory for Contact Photography and 304 Albany at 304 Albany.

Re-acquaintances is presented in the context of MOVEMENTS. As its title suggests, this online and site-specific program presents several projects by artists whose work references diverse definitions, experiences and enactments of movements. Bringing together a range of practices, MOVEMENTS reflects on both the intimate scale of the body as it shifts through time and space, within transient gestures and encounters, and organized actions that provoke vital, unsettling change.

MOVEMENTS is made possible with support from Partners in Art

Image Credit: Video stills from Camille Rojas and Sofia Mesa.