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Doomsday Supper Club’s Roaring Water Tiger Hour


Doomsday Supper Club


February 5th, 8pm - 9pm EST. Online

The Doomsday Supper Club invites you to a night of rambunctious reflection. To inaugurate the Lunar New Year, in a land of water tigers, to bravely face the doom that has come and the doom that is to be, we briefly open the doors of our Club to the public. RSVP ASAP BYOBBQ. Arriving early is encouraged. Latecomers will be raptured.

Accessibility information: This event requires use of a laptop computer connected to the internet. The entire experience uses text and some audio. It is a decidedly cameras off, microphones off experience, and you may choose to enter with your real name or under a pseudonym. Everyone who attends will be expected to participate.


Image courtesy of the artist. 

​Since the early days of the Great Quarantine, the Doomsday Supper Club has served as a welcoming home for those seeking succory, cheer and camaraderie, while extending a helping hand to those in need of quality, spontaneous social interaction. Within the walls of our vintage 1990 establishment, we have been able to connect our patrons with one another through the medium of text, click and gasp.

nd its many particularities to the long, seemingly remote histories of art, religion, nationhood and diaspora.

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