Angaer - Low Res.png

Untitled (Angaer)

Jorian Charlton

Curated by Emilie Croning

March - June, 2021


Exhibited on the billboard at Artscape Youngplace in partnership with Critical Distance Centre for Curators, Untitled (Angaer) is presented as part of Jorian Charlton's exhibition Out of Many

The individuals in Jorian Charlton's photographs become stand-ins for everyday Black folks, whose beauty and culture often lack recognition and representation as they are. Taking cues from fashion photography, Charlton's way of working emphasizes her sitter's role in being photographed. Here, Charlton carefully captures the movement in her muse's hair, distilling a sense of freedom and agency. She is unbound by the static nature of the frame.

--Emilie Croning, curator 

The billboard in front of a building.

Jorian Charlton is a portrait photographer based in Toronto. Her work focuses on Jamaican-Canadian culture through her person experiences, highlighting beauty and style when it comes to contemporary modes of Black representation. She explores reflections of identity and diasporic relationships to homeland, while her poetic approach to these themes characterizes her method of visual storytelling. 

Emilie Croning is a Toronto-based emerging curator, artist, and scholar. Her work explores notions around identity and representation through visual language, working at the intersections of feminist theories, post-colonialism, and art history. She received her BFA in Art History & Studio Art from Concordia University (Montreal) and an MA in Art History with a Curatorial Studies in Visual Culture Diploma from York University (Toronto).