Jesse Chun

And verse (혼잣말의 언어 그리고 cosmos) 


Amy Lam, Jesse McKee, and Rinaldo Walcott

A Note on Process: Public Art 


Jorian Charlton
Untitled (Angaer)

Angaer - Low Res.png

Patrick Cruz
 Mga balakid sa bukang liwayway (obstacles at dawn)

Zinnia Naqvi
The Border Guards Were Friendly

A photo of a suburban streetscape is placed in front of books.

Doomsday Supper Club

Doomsday Supper Club’s Roaring Water Tiger Hour

Nicholas Aiden, Lacie Burning, Séamus Gallagher, Tom Hsu, Christopher Lacroix, 

Wynne Neilly and Kyle Lasky, Isabel Okoro

Michelle Panting, Brianna Roye

We Buy Gold

Jorian Charlton
Out of Many


Alvin Luong
Dispatches from Phong Phú  

Shannon Garden-Smith
The Hourglass

Mitchell Akiyama, Raven Chacon, Ronnie Clarke, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Marisa Gallemit and Amy Lam

The Parkette Projects

A wooden circular installation with colourful quills around the perimeter.

Shannon Garden-Smith

Upright is fine, but downright is where I am

01. Garden-Smith_web.jpg

Piliutiyara (saltwater taffy)

Benjamin de Boer and Sophia Oppel
Reflections on Transparency


Camille Rojas and Sofia Mesa


Zinnia Naqvi
A Manifesto, A Strategy

brown blocks with white text that reads "having my face on your walls is not proof of inclusivity."