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Zoe Imani Sharpe 

Gallery TPW is delighted to present Zoe Imani Sharpe as our Poet-in-Residence for 2023. 

Artist Statement:

What is writing (my, a) life, now? By ‘a life’ I mean a rhythm or moving-character of time and space that leaks, or seeps, into writing. 


For some months I’ve been re-reading Akilah Oliver’s The Putterer’s Notebook, a text that (playfully, daringly) questions narrative authority. She called this project an anti-memoir, or “my memory of my body as a life.”


My current poems circle different narrative modes that are necessarily durational and intercepted: cliffhangers, fun-house mirrors, waterclocks, irruptions and augmentations…

It’s with Oliver, among many wonderful poets working today, that I’d like to consider Life as energy that articulates at varying scales, and the poem — as vital. 

The Poet-in-Residence is made possible with the generous support of TD Bank Group.

this is your life.png

Screenshot of an episode “This Is Your Life” with guest Muhammed Ali, Thames Television International, 1978. Courtesy of the artist. 


As part of her residency, Sharpe will produce a chapbook of poetic research as well a Weekly Reading&Practice Club. More details to come. 


Zoe Imani Sharpe is a poet and editor. Her practice blends poetry, essay, and collaborative projects. You can find her recent writing in YYZ Artists' Outlet, Writers’ Trust of Canada and Best Canadian Poetry 2021. Her collaborative work includes Poetry/Race/Form (with Fan Wu), WhAt She SaId: Promiscuous References & Disobedient Care (with Cason Sharpe and Yaniya Lee) and Power, Baby! (with Claire Freeman-Fawcett). 

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