16 x 22 inch Canson Baryta Photographique II print

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$850 framed 


Artist Statement: 


This artwork depicts a date palm tree set on fire. The date palm tree has been a significant part of the establishment and growth of civilizations in the desert regions of the Middle East and North Africa, not just as a source of food but also of economic gain. The date palm tree is considered a symbol of prosperity and the tree, as well as its fruit, is mentioned multiple times in Islamic teachings. The title, It's So Nice To Have Something To Lose, asks us to appreciate the fragile nature of good favour and to confront the power of loss.




Ahmed Drebika uses computer-generated imagery—including the visual language of video games and CGI movies—as a basis for large-format photographic prints and video installations. He uses this nostalgic visual language within new contexts to create work that the artist describes as mixing the grotesque with the sublime. A common subject of exploration in his work is his home country of Libya. While the digital environments he creates harken back stylistically to light-hearted mediums, they contain symbols of the violence that has plagued his homeland and the transformative effects that such trauma can have. In his work, he uses technology to lament the upheaval of his birthplace while also trying to piece through what it has become today. 

AHMED DREBIKA, It’s So Nice To Have Something To Lose, 2019

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