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25 x 31 inch inkjet print

Edition 1/2 available

$2,700 unframed


Artist Statement:


This new series of photographs have been processed to appear as if the inks that compose the images have washed away due to contact with water. The photographs depict mundane scenes in the artist's daily life living in Ho Chi Minh City. The combination of the aesthetic effect of the photographs and their personal nature continue the artist’s concerns for the future of the city and its increasingly severe flooding caused by climate change.




Alvin Luong works with stories of human migration, land, and dialogues from diasporic working class communities to create artworks that reflect upon historical developments in society and its intimate effects on the lives of people. Luong has shown and screened artworks at the Images Festival (Toronto), Boers-Li Gallery (Beijing), Gudskul (Jakarta), and The Polygon Gallery (Vancouver). The artist has held research and resident artist appointments at the Inside-Out Art Museum (Beijing), HB Station Contemporary Art Research Center (Guangzhou), the Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto), and Gallery TPW (Toronto).

Alvin Luong, Wet Dermal, 2022

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