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30 x 24 inch C-print

Edition 1/15 available

$1,200 dibond mounted


Artist Statement:


A Shot in the Dark is a series of images that explores failed hopes and rituals of letting go through the photographing of discarded floral arrangements. The images are created using dead flowers, bouquets or decorative plants, which are ignited by flame in darkness while being photographed with a long exposure. They are then lit with flashes of light through a stained glass window while the negative is still being exposed, to contemplate transcendence. The flame acts as a metaphor for transformation and upheaval, which breathes both life and death into these seemingly incompatible human experiences. Through the allegorical take on the classic still life, A Shot in the Dark asks us to contemplate the ways in which we experience change and time.




Amanda Arcuri is a Toronto-based photographic artist. She started her passion for photography at Toronto Metropolitan University and continued on to complete her MFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Arcuri is drawn to seemingly un-picturesque foliage and spaces that might be considered mundane or overlooked as her photographic subject matter. Her work has been shown at the Gladstone hotel, United Contemporary and On the Slate at Vaughan City Hall, along with public art commissions by the City of Vancouver, City of Vaughan and BigArtTO. She also enjoys teaching children’s and youth art classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Amanda Arcuri, A Shot in the Dark 17 (The Rainbow), 2020

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