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36 x 29 inch C-print

Edition 1/3 available 

$4,300 framed, $4,000 unframed


Artist Statement:


Glitch is an invitation into an ongoing study the artist is undertaking to explore where other worlds or concurrent worlds might exist. It is about what we cannot see, what we are told not to see, what we make strange that ought not be and what should be strange but is seen as ordinary.




Anique Jordan is an artist, writer and curator who looks to answer the question of possibility in everything she creates. As an artist, Anique works in photography, sculpture and performance, often employing the theory of hauntology to challenge historical or dominant narratives and creating, what she calls, impossible images. Recently, she has been thinking about time, the surreal, and the rejection of singular and linear ways of thinking or being in the world. Anique has lectured on her artistic and community-engaged curatorial practice as a 2017 Canada Seminar speaker at Harvard University and in numerous institutions across the Americas. In 2017, she co-curated the exhibition Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood at the Art Gallery of Ontario. As an artist, she has exhibited in galleries such as Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Gallery of York University, Art Gallery of Guelph, Doris McCarthy Gallery, German Gallery, Art Gallery of Windsor, Gallery 44 and Y+ Contemporary. She has received numerous awards, grants and fellowships and in 2017 was awarded the Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Artist of the Year award. Anique is currently completing her MFA in Photography at Rhode Island School of Design.


Anique Jordan, A Glitch a glitch, a stammer, inside, outside, tomorrow, today

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