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Artist Statement:


A Façade of Flesh, A Spirit of Skins marks a point of contemplation on concealment and presents some first thoughts on how the dichotomy between life and death can be a fine distinction. Zooming in on the spaces that oppose sustainability, the work’s colourful curtains poetically ask us to think about that which is kept from public knowledge or sight. The work further addresses how concealed narratives inhabit space, while orchestrating a kind of tension between what is revealed and what hides.  




Basil AlZeri is a cross-disciplinary visual artist living and working between Toronto and the Waterloo region. AlZeri's practice involves the intersection of art, education, and food, taking multiple forms including performance, drawing, video, and ephemeral installation. His ongoing research practice examines the politics and significance of work in our lives. Issues he addresses include professionalization; careerism; emotional, immaterial and unrecognized labour; and the cooptation of relational practices by socially engaged art. AlZeri’s work has been exhibited in Amman, Dubai, Halifax, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Regina, Rome, Santiago, Tartu, and Toronto.


BASIL ALZERI, A Façade of Flesh, A Spirit of Skins, 2020

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