20 x 28 inch inkjet print

Edition of 1

$900 unframed


Artist Statement: 


Starting to photograph activity in a street context with a recalcitrant Leica, Oloyede realized the camera needed to function as a prosthesis for the eye and trained himself to know the craft accordingly. The work evolved to become a method of the artist placing himself within and providing a platform for seeing the myriad of Black experience in Toronto, a space he felt existed as both familiar and uncharted territory. 




Bidemi Oloyede is an emerging street and portrait photographer capturing the energy and emotion of social landscapes, using predominantly black and white film. His impulsive documentary style is a reflection of the interaction (or inner dialogue) between the photographer and the subject. He is invested in the physicality of film—the historical legacy of image-making and its chemical context—and the laborious process of traditional darkroom techniques to expose the realities of the everyday. 


Bidemi Oloyede is originally from Port Harcourt, Nigeria and is now based in Toronto, Canada. He holds a BFA in Photography from OCAD University.

Bidemi Oloyede, Bay Street, Toronto, 2018