4 x 5 inch collage 

Edition of 1

$500 framed


Artist Statement: 


Found photographs are the basis of Blair Swann’s work, which draws from sources including advertising, photojournalism, movies, television, magazines, newspapers, Youtube, Reddit, and stock photography. Often employing the same images in multiple works, Swann embraces a methodology of reuse that pushes against the speed at which visual media—echoing humanity’s use of natural resources—is consumed.


Swann’s collages highlight the physicality of visual archives, focusing on minute details in found photographs. These collages, which are often made and remade continually over years, impose personal poetics onto mass-produced images in an attempt to reread and disrupt colonial narratives inherent in image circulation.




Blair Swann is an artist, writer, and curator with experience organizing programs, residencies, publications, and exhibitions. As an artist, he has exhibited in Canada and internationally, with recent exhibitions at The Round Tower (Copenhagen) and the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival (Toronto). He is a founding member of the plumb, and is currently the Assistant Director & Inventory Manager at Art Metropole.

Blair Swann, Palm (a list of things I can’t hold onto), 2021