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Part of Photorama Editions!

13 x 9 inch inkjet print


Edition of 15


Full Photorama Editions set is available for $1,000. Please email Noa Bronstein, Executive Director, to inquire: noa @


Artist Statement:


Shayla is a study of light and gesture. The feeling you get when the sun hits your face, the heat and warmth as it touches your skin. It transports you back to a place of joy and a yearning for making it out on the other side. To feel everything.




Christina Oyawale is a Black non-binary disabled lens-based Tkaronto/Toronto artist and curator. They hold a BFA in Photography from Toronto Metropolitan University. Their artistic focus is documenting radical occupation of space. Oyawale strives for community engagement by creating conversations that pertain to the human condition, growth, rebirth and investigations of self. Their practice includes but is not limited to experimental video, photography and installation.

Christina Oyawale, Shayla, 2018

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