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24 x 16 inch inkjet print

Edition 1/5 available

$500 unframed


Artist Statement:


The sun falls on my mother's land. My second home. The mausoleum doubles as a lookout over the small coastal Peruvian town, attracting mourners and lovers alike. On that occasion I was both. As I walk down the path leading through the sun-warmed columbarium a lone street dog emerges from a row of graves, a freshly picked rose in its mouth and pining eyes. We catch each other's gaze, startled, and we know that in that moment, we are both mourners and lovers.




Christopher is a documentary and news photographer based in Toronto, Canada and Lima, Peru. Christopher’s work frequently appears in the Globe and Mail and Canadian Press, among others.


Christopher Katsarov Luna, Lovers Lament, 2018

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