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A set of three 9 x 6 inch inkjet prints

Edition 1/1

$1,500 triptych, $500 individual, framed


Artist Statement:


Three in a unique series of pre-production stills shot in preparation for the making of the digitized Super 8 film, Hummingbird Guided Meditation (Gabriel’s garden). The film evokes the first of a two-part journey during one year in the life of a hummingbird as she migrates from Mexico to Canada & back again. The footage was captured entirely in the overgrown garden of G.H. in Querétaro Centre and then digitally slowed to mimic, understand and transmit the bird’s vastly different time signature and perception. The visual forced perspective seeks to destabilize viewers’ sensory perception, while challenging the possibilities/limits of language and being in relation. These prints are one-of-a-kind and framed under hand-crafted coloured and textured glass, which further distorts and obscures the image, allowing for a highly individuated and context-specific viewing experience. They can be shown individually or together.




Miruna Dragan (Bucharest, 1975), lives on Akokiniskway (Rosebud River) and works in Mohkinstsis (Calgary) on Treaty 7 territory. With an intuitive approach, Miruna’s work responds to observed synchronicities through a broad range of methods and materials, toward a subjective reimagining of archetypal myths and landscapes. Reflecting themes of dispersion and transcendence, both as individual pieces and collectively within immersive environments, her works offer themselves as tools for meta/physics while challenging our dogmas about nature and culture. Recent exhibition venues include: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo and Museo Regional in Querétaro (2022), Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver (2021), Living Art Museum in Reykjavík (2019), and Muséo de la Ciudad de Querétaro (2019).


Miruna Dragan, Hummingbird Guided Meditation (Gabriel's garden), 2022

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