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12 x 18 inch inkjet print

Edition of 3, all available

$900 framed, $650 unframed


Artist Statement:


Secret Visibility challenges traditional art-making techniques and hegemonic belief systems related to gender and sexuality. I photographed domestic spaces, and soaked the negatives in site-specific ingredients, culminating in a series of painterly, abstract images in a colour palette akin to bruises to highlight heightened levels of domestic violence and our increasingly intimate relationship to home during the pandemic.




Daura Campos is a Latinx, self-taught, lens-based artist based in Belo Horizonte, Brasil. Through analogue experimentation, her work prompts broader conversations on existing in a dissident body. Daura is a 2022 The Alternative Art School and FORGE fellow, she was a convener at the 2021 Hemi Convergence by the New York University and the University of Chicago. Daura has exhibited her photographic work in the Analog Film Photography Association, Orlando, FL (2022), Gallery 44, Toronto (2022), Experimental Photo Festival, Barcelona, ES (2021), and more. Her work was also displayed on billboards in Times Square, NY (2021), Los Angeles (2021), Chicago (2021), and Toronto (2021). Her moving-image work was screened in South and North America at the Museum of Art of Pereira, Colombia (2021), the Avant Garde Cultural Center, Bogotá, Colombia (2021), at the No Nation Art Lab, Chicago (2021), and more.

Daura Campos, (IX) Secret Visibility, 2021

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