20 x 20 inch inkjet print

Edition of 5 (all available)

$475 unframed


Artist Statement: 


This image is part of a series where, in the process of investigating my own identity, I return to my roots by creating a visual conversation between my Mom and Aunt as they recount the circumstances of their upbringing: biracial twin sisters adopted into a white family in the 1960s was not something that went unnoticed. They were aware of growing up with everyone’s eyes upon them and the stereotypes that clung to their black identity. In the series, they recount troublesome stories of growing up with no familial connection to their heritage. They idolized and connected with black figures within popular culture. Their unique relationship to one another develops through odd portraits of their interactions. This series shares a unique story of the impact of imagery in the construction of distant and personal relationships that formed an identity.




Hannah Somers is a London-born, Toronto-based artist and photographer. She completed a BFA at X University in Image Arts, Photography Studies. Being a biracial woman of colour with a Caribbean heritage has influenced many of her investigations. Her work centralizes around the expression and discovery of identity, ethnicity, and race. Understanding different relationships and histories of these themes are important in her process. Utilizing photography, video, and audio, she creates narratives within her fine art practice. Coming from a documentary photography background has offered her a unique outlook when creating collaborative work.

Hannah Somers, My Hand, Your Back, 2020