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26 x 32 inch inkjet print

Edition 1/1 

$500 unframed


This artwork is generously supported by Todd Caldwell & Shaun Moore. A donation of $500 will be made to TPW with the purchase of this artwork.


Artist Statement:


Bridging the gaps between Lagos and Toronto, Okoro’s colour and feel series (2020– ) explores an imagined Black utopia through monochromatic images of the people she encounters.




Isabel Okoro (b. 2001, Lagos NG) is a photographer and budding director currently living, working and schooling in Toronto ON. Isabel developed an interest in photography at the age of twelve while attending a boarding school in Lagos, but it wasn’t until she moved to Toronto in 2016 and received her first camera that she began to develop her artistic practice. Isabel’s work largely focuses on the Black youth experience and exploring the interactions between the motherland and the diaspora. She is interested in how photography and film can be pushed to tell stories that we need to see but haven’t been awarded the opportunity to create. A self-proclaimed dreamer, Isabel’s work is a combination of thoughts that acknowledge the past, confront the present and imagine a future.

Isabel Okoro, blu blacc boi, 2020

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