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13 x 16.5 inch inkjet print

Edition of 2, both available 

$350 unframed


Artist Statement:


Sourced from women working in food across North America and crocheted in bright yarn, this collection of almost 200 vessels represents the spectrum of workers in a vast and multitudinous industry - food writers, farmers, grocers, pizzaiolos, chefs, sommeliers, baristas, bakers, bartenders, burrito rollers, oyster shuckers and more have all contributed pieces to the Jugs & Cans collection. 




Ivy Knight is a journalist whose byline can be found in the New York Times, New Yorker, Rolling Stone and elsewhere. Her art practice addresses issues of sexism, ageism and oppression through the lens of food. She works in the mediums of crochet and assemblage. She is a French Canadian based in Toronto.

Ivy Knight, Kammy, Maxwell House, 2020

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