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20 x 24 inch cyanotype on cotton

Edition 1/1



Artist Statement:


While a departure from my painting practice, these cyanotypes are another exploration of ways in which we can record and hold onto moments. Rather than just static images, these works on fabric are made through a process of moving objects around the cyanotype chemical-treated fabric and also wrapping the fabric around the objects themselves for the duration of the exposure. Each action, movement and manipulation is recorded, some bold and clear, others more ghostly and fleeting. In my practice, I am interested in how we can hold onto, reveal, and record memories of the past in order to understand the present and imagine our future.




Jason Deary makes abstract paintings that represent an investigation of fragmented memory through a wide variety of adopted and invented painting languages and an exhaustive exploration of techniques. Deary earned his BFA at The University of Windsor in 2010 and participated in The Banff Centre Work Study program from 2011-2012. He completed his MFA at OCADU in 2014. He is represented by Vivianeart in Calgary and Birch Contemporary in Toronto. He lives and works in Toronto.

Jason Deary, Shuffle, 2020

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