16 x 20 inch Chromogenic print

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Artist Statement: 


The Indians on Tour series expands on the street photographer aesthetic, but from a First-Nations perspective. Would that tradition expand or stay the same? I realized that it could not stay the same if I was going to be able to address the urban Aboriginal experience. The series began to take shape after I received a box in the mail from my friend Ali Kazimi. Inside was a set of plastic Indian figures with a note suggesting that I would find something interesting to do with them. Bear had just moved to British Columbia and I was left without my muse. I began experimenting with the toy Indians by posing them in my everyday world to see what would happen.




Jeff Thomas is an independent curator and photographer who deals in examination of his own history and identity, with issues of aboriginality that have arisen at the intersections of Native and non-Native cultures in what is now Ontario and northern New York state. His curatorial projects, publications and exhibitions amply demonstrate his commitment to work dealing with issues of race, aboriginality, and gender in both archival and contemporary photography dealing with Aboriginal peoples. Nationally recognized for ground-breaking scholarship and innovative curatorial practice in this area, he has been involved in major projects at such prominent cultural institutions in Canada as the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Woodlands Cultural Centre, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and Library and Archives Canada.

JEFF THOMAS, Peace Chief, Tower, Toronto, Ontario, 2003

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