Part of Photorama Editions!

12 x 8 inch Epson Hot Press Bright paper

Edition of 15



Full Photorama Editions set is available for $1,000. Please email Noa Bronstein, Executive Director, to inquire: noa @


Artist Statement: 


I was in Mexico City, on a mission to slow down and tune into my own radio. What that ended up looking like, in practice, was me dancing at queer parties until dawn. There’s a regenerative catharsis in sweating it all off on the dance floor. In those spaces I felt a sense of community, a sense of sanctuary, a feeling that transcended geography. I unexpectedly found the inner quiet I was searching for.


That stillness made room for an active sensorial engagement with my environment that extended beyond looking. I was listening to space with intention, to what was around and between, pouring my attention into sites where light, colour, and texture collided. The image is a portal into such a moment, an invitation to the viewer to enter with imagination into the experience of that unfolding event. In bringing presence to this interaction, an inanimate scene comes alive.




Jocelyn Reynolds creates visual records of the overlooked. Interested in the way documentation confers importance on a subject, what and how we see is the motivating force of her practice. Jocelyn offers moments of stillness and connection as active resistance to the noise of our restless world. Her work is an ongoing exploration of externalizing the internal and of looking into the realm of the unseen.


Jocelyn Reynolds, ingress, 2015