11 x 13.75 inch Canson Baryta Photographique II print

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$700 unframed


Artist Statement: 


My inspiration comes from my family and friends. The featured portrait of Sydné and Keverine is inspired by Jamaican dancehall culture through use of bold clothing and hairstyles created by the women in this image. It’s very important for me to create with black women and to photograph black women in an authentic light.  


In capturing this narrative, it is key that all people involved in creating this image represent the culture.





Jorian Charlton is a portrait photographer based in Toronto. Her work focuses on Jamaican-Canadian culture through her personal experiences, highlighting beauty and style when it comes to contemporary modes of black representation.


She pursues reflections of identity and diasporic relationships to homeland, while her poetic approach to these themes characterizes her method of visual storytelling.

JORIAN CHARLTON, Untitled, 2020

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