30 x 21.6 inch inkjet print

Edition of 3 (1 framed available)

$2,200 framed


Artist Statement: 


Badda means the Sea narrates the memories of Nasir Salim, a fisherman and free diver who left a Somali island for a new beginning in Scotland. Nasir recalls the sea as a captivating, yet frightening, entity. His stories contain expansive sea forests, divers skilled in underwater ear breathing, five-finger trees, and instructions for tricking dangerous sea animals. Badda means the Sea reflects on modes of memory as tactical forms of survival.


This photograph was taken in Glasgow’s botanical garden, where plants endemic to specific islands were preserved and displayed. Mawavu means “bait net” in Bajuni.




Josée Pedneault is a visual artist living between Montreal and Chicago. Her work has been shown in national and international venues, such as Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin, 2018), CONTACT Gallery (Toronto, 2015), TYPOLOGY (Toronto, 2015), Museo del Chopo (Mexico City, 2014) and Darling Foundry (Montréal 2012). She has completed several residencies in Berlin, Glasgow, Tokyo, Paris, Mexico and Reykjavik. In 2020, she published the book Glazial-Kosmogonie, a co-publication between Künstlerhaus Bethanien and Revoler Publishing, Berlin. Since 2011, she has been realizing large-scale public art commissioned artworks in the province of Quebec; the most recent is Kinésie, a series of permanent interactive artworks for the new Centre Aquatique de Granby (2020). Josée Pedneault holds an MFA in studio art from Concordia University where she is currently a part-time teacher.

Josée Pedneault, Mawavu (from the series Badda Means the Sea), 2018