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20 x 20 inch inkjet print

Edition 1/4 and 2/4 available

$1,400 framed, $1,000 unframed


Artist Statement:


There’s an assumption that the Precambrian rock that blankets much of Canada is an immutable presence. In some sense, deep time is beyond human comprehension—is it truly possible to understand the life of a three billion-year-old landscape? With this image from the The Weight of Your Cool Embrace series, I contemplate geological animacy and my position within the ecosystem by holding a piece of metamorphic granite (Gneiss) from my childhood rock collection. Here, touch is more than an approximation of human connection; the act of moving, balancing, and holding speaks to the rocks' mutability and our shared communion and kinship.




Kate Schneider (b. 1980, Cleveland, Ohio) is an artist of settler ancestry living in Tkaronto (Toronto). Her artistic practice considers our personal and ethical relationship with the land during a time of climate crisis. She has shown works at the Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art (Toronto), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), SoHo Photo (New York), and published in numerous publications, such as PDN’s Photo Annual. Kate was the 2020 awardee of the John Hartman award from the MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario.


Kate Schneider, 45° 17' 10.338'' N 80° 18' 36.1728'' W, 2019

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