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11 x 14 inkjet print

Edition of 5, all available

$350 unframed


Artist Statement:


And Yet, I Continue To Bloom In The Shadows is a digital collage created by merging sourced imagery from vintage books, field guides and magazines.




Laura Kay Keeling (she/her/they) is a self-taught visual artist whose work encompasses analogue photography, video, collage and installation based projects. Her artwork explores how we form connections with each other and nature. She continues to think about and explore concepts relating to reciprocal care and how one might engage and interact with other humans, plants, animals and nature as well as what the relationship of caring for each other looks like. Laura considers how artists select and care for materials throughout the creation of artistic works and in thinking more about these concepts, has begun to shift her practice to include not only analogue photography but elements from plants and flowers that she has grown or has foraged from other folks' garden clippings.

Laura Kay Keeling, And Yet, I Continue To Bloom In The Shadows, 2019

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