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Part of Photorama Editions!

11 x 14 inch inkjet print

Edition of 15



Full Photorama Editions set is available for $1,000. Please email Noa Bronstein, Executive Director, to inquire: noa @


Artist Statement:


Dear Light is about light, that most simple thing we take for granted. We see it, we forget ... But for me, it is the beginning of everything that we see and love. My project features the natural landscape, or composed natural objects under lights, in unique moments that make you almost feel the warm air move above the ocean, or the silence after snow, or all the grace that light brings us.




Born and raised in ChengDu, I lived in China for eighteen years until moving to Italy to study art and for a new cultural and life experience. I studied at the University of Florence, majoring in Discilpine dell'arte dello spettacolo e della musica and I recently completed my Master's degree in Product Design. I am and have always been fascinated by artistic and cultural materials in life, including those which are different from my own cultural background. 

Liu Wang, Dear Light, 2019

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