10 x 10 inch C-print

Edition of 6 (1 framed, 5 unframed available)

$700 framed, $600 unframed


Artist Statement:


Photographed from the arid climate of the Atacama Desert in Chile, this image depicts a portion of the Milky Way in the Southern Hemisphere containing a complex area of nebulosity known as the Carina Nebula. For the Indigenous Likan Antai people of the Atacama, the dark parts of the Milky Way play an equally important role in sky mythology as the brighter sections. Within this image (from bottom to top) the dark Andean constellations of The Partridge, The Toad, and the Head of The Serpent can all be seen. These dark areas of the Milky Way, referred to by astronomers as The Great Rift, do not show us a lack of stars, but rather are composed of nearby dark dust clouds that obscure the stars just beyond.




Nathan Cyprys is an artist and photographer based in Toronto, who holds a BFA in Photography from the Ontario College of Art & Design. His art practice often focuses on the relationship between humans, the cosmos, and the natural world. Cyprys's work has been featured by The Washington Post, American Photography, and VICE. Some of his editorial clients include The Globe & Mail, Fast Company, and Toronto Life.

Nathan Cyprys, Southern Cross and Carina Nebula, ~RA 11.5h, Dec −60°, 2020