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9 x 12 inch hand cut collage

Edition 1/1 

$750 framed


Artist Statement:


This collage is part of a larger series of images titled On the Other Hand. During the start of pandemic isolation in late March 2020, I turned to collaging images in my living room. The handmade activity became a balm to daily existence both as an antidote to digital life and as a slow, meditative, and profoundly empowering process. As thoughts of hand washing, fear of touching surfaces and a general lack of physical intimacy informed daily life, I found myself casting spells through a visual syntax that embraced ciphers, sign language and writing across diverse cultures. Working with a stack of gifted national geographic magazines, I embraced the virus by channelling its RNA code seeking to communicate with COVID 19 through these abstract hieroglyphics. By bringing disparate elements together into new configurations, an emergent lexicon is cast of human gestures and cultural artifacts.




Taking the form of artist books, collage, performance, printed matter, audio walks, video, and creative/critical writing, Randy Lee Cutler’s practice weaves together themes of materiality and intuition. She is fascinated with the intersection of matter and metaphor. The recent collage series On the Other Hand is a response to gifted National Geographic magazines, pandemic lockdowns and anti-racism initiatives. An artist book OTOH includes 70 of the collages and the essay “Unsettled Feelings”. Randy is a Professor at Emily Carr University on the unceded Coast Salish territories also known as Vancouver, Canada.

Randy Lee Cutler, Baby Bouquet, 2020

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