16 x 20 inch Inkjet print 

Edition 2/7 - 7/7 available

$450 unframed


Artist Statement:


The idea of this image came from the shape of the paper that I had "improvised-cut". A delicate and distorted shape. I just had to make it dance with stars and mosquitoes and the mix is before your eyes.




Samuel Choisy is a visual artist who uses photography as a platform for play, expression, and as a generator of surprises. He plays with photography's ability to reveal what hides from view: movement, psychic emotion, the inner essence of things. Interested in projection spaces and exploration experiences in the broad sense, he considers spaces that emerge from the play of light as landscapes. The notions of territory, border, scale, and nature are elements that allow him to situate his approach and his work in relation to the field of art.

Samuel Choisy, Star Gazing Cocktail Disruption #34, 2021