16 x 16 inch inkjet print

Edition of 10 (1 framed, 4 unframed available)

$850 framed, $550 unframed


Artist Statement: 


This montage was created using 20th century glass lantern slides from a defunct science collection. These images were originally used in slide lectures to illustrate principles of nature and scientific studies.




Sara Angelucci is a Toronto-based artist working in photography, video, audio, and installation. Her projects draw from a range of personal photographs and films—to anonymous and found images. Based in the history of photography—from vernacular snapshots to professional studio portraiture—the history outside the image frame informs the direction of her research into natural and social histories implicated in the photograph. Photography’s material evolution and its shifting social influence provide rich ground for aesthetic interpretation, and inspire a range of materials and references that traverse her projects. Since 2013, her projects have focused on our fraught relationship with the natural world. Sara Angelucci completed her BA at the University of Guelph and her MFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She is an Adjunct Professor in Photography at the School of Image Arts Ryerson University and is represented by the Stephen Bulger Gallery and Patrick Mikhail Gallery.


Sara Angelucci, Diffraction rings, 2021