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16 x 20 inch archival inkjet print

Edition 2/10 - 10/10 available

$650 framed, $350 unframed


Artist Statement:


This in-camera multiple exposure is part of an ongoing series of "echo" photographs inspired by my personal chemigram process, which was itself inspired by the shape and breadth of these very boulders. Made in Spring 2022 in the Mojave desert, this work speaks to my desire to listen to all that rocks have to say.




sarah bodri (b.1987) is a Toronto-based photographer and artist. She studied French Language and Literature + Women and Gender studies at York University but is otherwise self-taught in photographic arts. bodri's practice speaks to her reverence for the natural world, both human and no-human subjects, and the desire to create meaningful connections between all those she photographs and that which she creates. Everything is a portrait.

sarah bodri, Jumbo Echo, 2021

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