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14 x 14 inch inkjet print

Edition 2/5 available

$650 framed


Artist Statement:


This image photographed in Florida, is part of a long term project on ‘last-chance tourism,’ an industry trend whereby travellers explicitly seek out a destination before it vanishes completely or is altered irreparably. It is my attempt to understand our collective desire to see things before they vanish and the ways we remain indifferent to the human and environmental costs of our wandering impulses.




Sarah Palmer is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Her work straddles the realm of journalism and fine art, questioning the conventional limits that both of these worlds hold for the viewer and artist alike. She explores pop culture and current events with a focus on the subcultures that these gatherings draw in.


She composes multi-frame exposures in camera, with no manipulation in post. By building layers of stories on the same piece of film, she creates a strong sense of environment while weaving together contrasts and similarities in the subject matter she's photographing.


Sarah Palmer, Florida, 2014

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