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16.25 x 20 inch inkjet print

Edition 2/3 available

$500 framed


Artist Statement:


In Denglu village (population 100) located in the Southwestern region of China, life flows calmly as water in a stream. Retreating from the pandemic and her urban life, Tan stayed in this remote village for a month, where she was enlightened by rural living: butterflies, birds, scattered wooden houses, and Denglu's residents—all beings living together. In an environment of self-sufficient subsistence, Tan became what Ralph Waldo Emerson called a walking "transparent eyeball." Quietly, Tan wishes to be a tree when she stands tall, a speck of dust when she lays down. At a time when disenchantment becomes the mantra of modernization and penetrates every inch of our lives, Tan seeks to explore the original and symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world.




Tizzi Tan was born in Yunnan China. She studied visual art at Sheridan College and received an BFA in Photography from OCADU. Currently, she lives and works in Toronto. Tan's art practice is mostly lens-based, but are not confined to any specific medium. She focuses on the subtle perceptions of human activities and explores the meanings of existence under current social conditions.

Tizzi Tan, Three Women, 2021

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