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12 x 12 inch inkjet print

Edition 1/1

$700 framed, $400 unframed


Artist Statement:


As part of Vanessa Cornell’s Junketings series, I know I have to get up, I just don't wanna! utilizes a multimedia approach that allows her to question and re-evaluate photography and painting and how these frequently opposing mediums can work together. She often employs other processes and mediums to continue her ongoing investigation of commonly clichéd attributes of female identity, including: beauty, aging, sexuality, domesticity and the crucial “alone time.” Through the culmination of her efforts, she creates honest, unapologetic and often satirical narratives of women in their domestic spaces.




Vanessa Cornell (b. 1986) received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University (2009), an MFA from the University of Windsor (2014) and most recently a Post-Baccalaureate from NSCAD University (2018). She has participated in exhibitions and art fairs throughout Canada and the United States, most recently 2021 Montréal Papier Contemporary Art Fair with Studio 21 and 2: Sexish at Birch Contemporary. She has also been featured in publications including Brenda Magazine (UK), Barbed (USA) and C-Print Journal (Sweden).


Vanessa is represented by Studio 21 in Halifax and Spicer Merrifield Gallery in Saint John.

Vanessa Cornell, I know I have to get up, I just don't wanna!, 2021

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