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we are what we care for


“We must move from institutional critique to institutional transformation.”

- iLiana Fokianaki 

In this symposium, we ask how can the arts– not as a sector but as a community– imagine transformation as a practice of consistent care. How can this call for change be instigated holistically through the microcosms of our relationships?  How do we refuse the colonial production of precarity, so we may tend to our labour less like machines, and more like gardens? How do we choose between the transformation or abandonment of the institution? we are what we care for brings together artists, curators and arts workers to explore modalities of care and their potential to transform how we might work together.


Over the course of a week, Gallery TPW will become a place of dialogue, collegiality, and rest as we collectively dream how institutional transformations might be sparked in the ways we care for one another.


Tuesday, July 4, 4pm - 9pm

Wednesday, July 5, 1pm - 9pm

Thursday, July 6, 1pm - 6pm

Friday, July 7, 1pm - 9pm

Saturday, July 8, 2pm - 4pm

Closing Party on Saturday July 8 from 8pm - late


Gallery TPW

170 St Helens Ave

Toronto, ON

M6H 4A1



All programs are free to attend but require registration.

Registration links can be found on each program page.


Gallery TPW has ramp access, an accessible ground-floor washroom, and clear, unobstructed pathways within the gallery. Please note that there are no automatic doors at the entrance or washroom and no designated accessible parking nearby.

ASL Interpretation will be available for On Access by Tangled and On Resistance by Zainub Verjee.

On Access is a hybrid event with a live stream attendance option. On Care by iLiana Fokianaki is an online event, accessible via live stream.


With space design by Rihab Essayhwe are what we care for presents a soft architecture based on the colours of a sunset seen from the artist's window. Through layers of chiffon, the gallery becomes a container for the sublimity of diminishing daylight and its softness. In the small gallery, Rihab has created an immersive installation where visitors are invited to rest, nap, and take breaks when needed.


we are what we care for was conceived by Annie Wong and was inspired by many conversations among staff, then Curatorial Resident, Heather Rigg, and Executive Director, Noa Bronstein, at a time when Gallery TPW was undergoing a shift in vision and management. We are grateful for the creativity and support from Nedda Baba.

Rihab Essayh

Environment Designer 

Gunnar Floral

Floral Design

Jon McCurley



Emmie Tsumura 



Steven Beckley



Roya DelSol 



On Legacy

Institutional Critique and Community Building


Andrea Fatona and Richard Fung, moderated by Amy Fung

4pm - 6pm | Panel

On Resistance

Notes for a Renewed Grammar


Zainub Verjee

7pm - 9pm | Keynote and Reception

On Youth

Lessons of Care from Community


Julian Diego (SKETCH) and Rinchen Dolma (Made in Exile), moderated by Annie Wong

1pm - 3pm | Panel

On Gift

Gifts for Two-Spirit Youth


Sheri Osden Nault, Marta Croll-Baehre, Kay Nadjiwon

4pm - 6pm | Workshop

On Friendship

Stories, Gossip, Advice


Guidance Council (Alexandra Hong and Peter Rahul)

7pm - 9pm | Social

On Care

As an Institutional Practice


iLiana Fokianaki

1pm - 3pm | Keynote (Zoom)

On Access

Access Anthology


Tangled Art + Disability

4pm - 6pm | Publication Launch and Workshop

On Artistic Practice

Artists and Curators in Relation


Abraham Oghobase and Noa Bronstein

1pm - 3pm | Conversation

On Being

Exquisite Corpse


WAVEform (Toleen Touq and Liz Ikiriko)

4pm - 6pm | Workshop

On Feast

Let’s Stew on It


Souped Up (Geneviève Wallen and Marsya Maharani)

7pm - 9pm | Dinner

On Love

So You're Ready To Choose Love


Kai Cheng Thom

2pm - 4pm | Workshop


Karaoke Night Hosted by Kiki


Kiera Boult

8pm - late | Closing Party

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, On Abolition: 2050: A Circle Conversation Set in our Ecstatic Future by Syrus Marcus Ware was cancelled.


On Legacy

On Resistance

On Feast

On Care

Keynote Lecture by iLiana Fokianaki

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