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On Friendship

Stories, Gossip, Advice

Guidance Council (Alexandra Hong and Peter Rahul)


Wednesday, July 5, 7pm - 9pm


Guidance Council is a bi-monthly, casual drop-in for BIPOC collectives to share stories, gossip, and solicit advice from each other. We are reinventing forms of corporate networking, workplace gossip, and leadership training to focus on developing friendship, investing in each other, and mapping collective knowledge.

Guidance Council was created by Gendai and is currently organized by Alexandra Hong and Peter Rahul.

Alexandra Hong’s work presents access points to complex issues, and suggests alternative frameworks to think about and experience the world. She is interested in exploring the borders of experience, questioning ways of gaining knowledge, and creating spaces for dialogue amid hardened ideologies. Alexandra’s projects are often created through collaboration. She is currently co-organizing Gendai’s Guidance Council, a bi-monthly, casual drop-in for BIPOC collectives and arts workers, and one half of the art collective Mast Year Collective. Alexandra’s work has been shown in Nuit Blanche Toronto, Luminato Festival, the Ryerson Image Centre, and presented internationally in South Korea, China, and Finland. 

Peter Rahul is a Toronto-based visual artist who specializes in video and interactive installation. Rahul's hybrid use of vintage video equipment and contemporary computer graphics results in artwork caught between past and future. Rahul's art practice has taken the form of animation, stage design, live VJing, interactive video sculptures & VHS mixtapes. Peter Rahul co-founded two Toronto based A/V arts collectives; Toronto's online public access television station BUMP TV (2018-2020), - as well as The Analog Preservation Network (2014-2016), a stage design and video production collective.

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